Landscape Conservation Design: Conserving Sustainable Landscapes for Natural Resources and People


Hosted by Sarena Selbo, Chief, Branch of Conservation Planning and Design, USFWS, National Wildlife Refuge System. Presented by Rob Campellone, Landscape Conservation Design Policy Advisor, USFWS, National Wildlife Refuge System; Thomas Miewald, Landscape Ecologist, USFWS, North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative and the National Wildlife Refuge System; and Charlie Pelizza, Refuge Manager, USFWS, Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. Conserving sustainable landscapes in the 21st century is a significant challenge that requires a fundamental shift in thinking and action, addressing both social and ecological systems. "Landscape conservation design" involves intentional human changes to landscape patterns to sustainably provide ecosystem services that meet societal needs and respect societal values. This paradigm is innately interdisciplinary and partner-driven involving diverse stakeholders who plan, identify, and implement strategies across the landscape to achieve diverse goals. In this broadcast, we will explore the "why," the "what," and the "how" of landscape conservation design focusing on addressing both the ecological and human dimensions needed to achieve sustainable landscapes. The broadcast also includes an interactive round table discussion with the host and viewers asking the panel about their experiences with landscape conservation design and conserving sustainable landscapes.