The Social Aspects of Natural Resource Conservation


Presented by Shawn J. Riley, Michigan State University, Associate Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife, Scientist, Partnership for Ecosystem Research and Management; Natalie Sexton, USFWS, Natural Resource Program Center, Chief, Branch of Human Dimensions; Aaron Mize, USFWS, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, Acting Refuge Manager. Host: Mike Carlo, USFWS, National Wildlife Refuge System. Knowledge for effective conservation includes knowledge about organisms, knowledge about the environment and knowledge about humans. In this broadcast, we will more clearly define this human aspect, which includes the application of social psychology, economics, political science, communications and more. In part one of the session, the presenters will introduce the theory and practical application of this social aspect to our conservation work. We will also introduce you to the recently created Branch of Human Dimensions at the Natural Resource Program Center. Part two is an interactive round table discussion, with the host and viewers asking the panel specific questions about their experience linking the human dimension with conservation.