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Operator Summary Page: Jonah Energy

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Operator Summary:

Note: does not include pre-ROD federal surface sites.
Rollover Not Met 2305 5779.64 4306.87
Rollover Pending Review 1 4.48 4.33
Rollover Met 54 155.20 135.29
Final Release 0 0.00 0.00
Total 2360 5939.33 4446.50


Location Summary Table:

Name Type Coordinates Dist. Acres Recl. Acres Last Seeding Seed Mix Last Spatial Last Quant. Last Qual. Last Photo Recl. Stage Status
SHB 72-28 Well Pad           08/30/2011   07/31/2017   Rollover Not Met
YELLOW POINT 10-1 Well Pad             01/01/2007   Stage 1 Rollover Not Met
YELLOW POINT 9-1 Well Pad             01/01/2007     Rollover Not Met
Yellow Point 14-14 Road Road                   Rollover Not Met
feature: 4426 Road                   Rollover Not Met
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