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Location Entry Page: JF 6-7 (Jonah Energy)

Status Reports:

  Date Collected Collection Method Quant. Qual.
[View] 06/26/2020  
[View] 06/12/2019  
[View] 05/30/2018  
[View] 06/30/2017  
[View] 07/11/2016  
[View] 06/25/2015  
[View] 06/25/2014  
[View] 07/31/2013  
[View] 07/19/2012  
[View] 06/23/2011  
[View] 07/28/2010 Frequency  
[View] 07/12/2010  
  07/09/2009 Line-Point Intercept
[View] 05/27/2008 Visual  
[View] 06/15/2007 Percent Cover

Selected Status Report:

Collection Date: 07/09/2009
Collection Method: Line-Point Intercept
Seeding Date: 10/01/2005
Seed Mix: C
Seeding Method: Drilling
Reviewed By BLM: No


  Undisturbed Disturbed
Soil Surface Factor   15.0 %
% Bare Ground 40.0 % 50.0 %
Avg. Density/Freq. Forbs 30.0 54.0
No. Forbs 4 2
Avg. Density/Freq. Shrubs 40.0 20.0
% Rabbit Brush   1.0 %
% Dominant Shrub   5.0 %
No. Shrubs 4 1
No. Grass Species   3
No. Bunch Grasses   1
Lbs. Grass Production
Is seed germination apparent? Yes
Is the area free of undesirable materials (trash, construction materials, liquids, etc)? Yes
Is the soil stable with no indications of subsidence, slumping and/or significant erosion? Yes
Are other undesirable species absent? Yes
Is there evidence of good reproductive capability? No
Explanation: This site was seeded and irrigated in 05 there is a sprayed spot that was done to get F&S in 06 this is weeds needs work . This is about a 100x100 block. Site is stable.
Are noxious weeds absent? Yes
Stage of Reclamation: Stage 2
Stage Regressed: No
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