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NNRW Core Watersheds

The National Network of Reference Watersheds has defined a set of "Core" reference watersheds. NNRW Core watersheds meet the following criteria: Low hydrologic disturbance (dams, water withdrawal, pollutant discharge); 0% Row Crops; < 5% Pasture; 0% High Impact Development; 0% Medium Impact Development; < 10% Total Development (High + Medium + Low); Natural vegetation + Barren Land > 75%. Core reference watersheds also have stream discharge data available. The NNRW core reference watersheds are defined using land use characteristics calculated from the National Land Cover and Land Use dataset from 2006.

NNRW Core watersheds can be used is to define reference or "background" conditions across the Nation and to measure changes in baseline conditions through time or to compare to disturbed areas. To search for Core Watersheds, first define the area(s) of interest and then choose the water quality parameters of interest.

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