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Location Entry Page: MS 10-26 (Ultra)

BLM Comments:

Fix PADMS - area shown as reclaimed is not in reclamation. There is no reclamation. Large pad (10.43 acres)  Location has been idle well beyond the time specified in the ROD.  There has been  no development activity for over 2 years. Working areas are seeded with grasses but this is not reclamation. Large areas around edge of pad are just halogeton, russian thistle , and alyssum. NO desirables, site should be reclaimed. Pad needs to be reclaimed. This site sat idle over the two years specified in the ROD and does not provide functioning habitat.  As this site is in DA2 and operators have moved to DA3.  It should be reclaimed.  Fix PADMS .64 acre area shown as reclaimed is not
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