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Location Entry Page: MS 12-28 (Ultra)

BLM Comments:

Only about 7 out of 23 acres of the pad are reclaimed. Rest of site needs to be put into reclamation.  Swepi had said they would seed in 2014 (see 2014 comments). It has been well over 2 years since last development activity occurred. Site should be brought in and reclaimed.  Partial fence. Very large area not in reclamation needs to be done ASAP.  Soil pile claimed as reclamation but it is actually just weeds. Small area on NW and S side of pad that are in reclamation look ok for shrubs but are lacking forbs, rest of pad needs to be reclaimed.  This site sat idle over the two years specified in the ROD and does not provide functioning habitat.  As this site is in DA2 and operators have moved to DA3 It should be reclaimed.  Site is not showing reproductive capability (noted by Aster Cyn) lacking for forb and shrub.
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