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Location Entry Page: RB 13-32 (Ultra)

Status Reports:

  Date Collected Type
[View] 08/06/2022 Qualitative
[View] 08/05/2022 Qualitative
[View] 06/15/2021 Qualitative
[View] 07/17/2020 Intercept
[View] 07/17/2020 Qualitative
[View] 07/17/2020 Frequency
[View] 07/11/2019 Qualitative
[View] 07/25/2018 Qualitative
[View] 06/13/2017 Qualitative
[View] 06/13/2017 Frequency
[View] 06/13/2017 Intercept
[View] 07/27/2016 Qualitative
[View] 07/14/2015 Qualitative
[View] 06/24/2014 Qualitative
[View] 06/12/2013 Qualitative
[View] 06/12/2013 Frequency
[View] 06/12/2013 Intercept
[View] 05/30/2013 Frequency
[View] 05/30/2013 Intercept
[View] 06/06/2012 Frequency
[View] 06/06/2012 Qualitative
[View] 06/06/2012 Intercept
  07/07/2011 Qualitative
[View] 07/07/2011 Frequency
[View] 07/07/2011 Intercept

Selected Status Report:

Collection Date: 07/07/2011
Observer: TL
Data Source: NWRC
Years of Reclamation: Years 6-7
Seeding Date: 11/05/2009
Seed Mix: Sagebrush-dominated w/ Alkaline Soils
Seeding Method: Other
Other Seeding Method: Drill/Hydro
Topsoil Storage: Stockpile (> 3ft)
Months of Topsoil Storage: 82
Has Soil Been Amended? Yes
Date of Soil Amendment: 10/26/2005
Soil Amendment Comments: FF, humic shale, KP; orig hydro; drill 2006 & 2009
Is seed germination apparent? Yes
Is the area free of undesirable materials (trash, construction materials, liquids, etc)? Yes
Is the soil stable with no indications of subsidence, slumping and/or significant erosion? Yes
Is there evidence of good reproductive capability? Yes
Are noxious or undesirable weeds absent? No
County or State Noxious Weeds:
    Undesirable Species:
    • ALDE (Alyssum desertorum Stapf - desert madwort)
    • BASC5 (Bassia scoparia (L.) A.J. Scott - burningbush)
    • CHAL7 (Chenopodium album L. - lambsquarters)
    • HAGL (Halogeton glomeratus (M. Bieb.) C.A. Mey. - saltlover)
    • SAKA (Salsola kali L. - Russina thistle)
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