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Location Entry Page: RS 14-4 (Ultra)

Status Reports:

  Date Collected Type
[View] 06/02/2021 Qualitative
[View] 07/20/2020 Intercept
[View] 07/20/2020 Qualitative
[View] 07/20/2020 Frequency
[View] 07/20/2020 Intercept
[View] 07/20/2020 Frequency
[View] 07/10/2019 Qualitative
[View] 07/19/2018 Qualitative
[View] 06/28/2017 Frequency
[View] 06/28/2017 Intercept
[View] 06/28/2017 Qualitative
[View] 07/26/2016 Qualitative
[View] 07/14/2015 Qualitative
  06/05/2014 Qualitative
[View] 06/05/2014 Frequency
[View] 06/05/2014 Frequency
[View] 06/05/2014 Intercept
[View] 06/05/2014 Intercept
[View] 06/10/2013 Frequency
[View] 06/10/2013 Intercept
[View] 06/10/2013 Qualitative
[View] 06/10/2013 Frequency
[View] 06/10/2013 Intercept
[View] 06/20/2012 Qualitative
[View] 06/20/2012 Intercept
[View] 06/20/2012 Frequency
[View] 06/19/2012 Frequency
[View] 06/19/2012 Intercept
[View] 06/28/2011 Qualitative

Selected Status Report:

Collection Date: 06/05/2014
Observer: L Carr
Data Source: CMEG
General Comments: Healthy grasses, ELLA3 and POSE dominant. ALDE resurgence. BRTE back after four years. New section: few shrubs, grasses heavily grazed by horses (on site).
Seeding Date: 10/17/2009
Seed Mix: Sagebrush-dominated w/ Alkaline Soils
Seeding Method: Other
Other Seeding Method: Drill/Hydro
Topsoil Storage: Stockpile (> 3ft)
Months of Topsoil Storage: 93
Has Soil Been Amended? Yes
Date of Soil Amendment: 10/29/2009
Soil Amendment Comments: FF,humic shale,liquid humus,Ca,structure
Is seed germination apparent? Yes
Is the area free of undesirable materials (trash, construction materials, liquids, etc)? Yes
Is the soil stable with no indications of subsidence, slumping and/or significant erosion? Yes
Is there evidence of good reproductive capability? Yes
Are noxious or undesirable weeds absent? No
County or State Noxious Weeds:
    Undesirable Species:
    • ALDE (Alyssum desertorum Stapf - desert madwort)
    • BRTE (Bromus tectorum L. - cheatgrass)
    • CHAL7 (Chenopodium album L. - lambsquarters)
    • DESO2 (Descuraninia sophia (L.) Webb ex Prantl - herb sophia)
    • HAGL (Halogeton glomeratus (M. Bieb.) C.A. Mey. - saltlover)
    • LEPE2 (Lepidium perfoliatum L. - clasping pepperweed)
    • SATR12 (Salsola tragus - Prickly Russian thistle)
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