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Mesa Verde Status Summary:

Status # Pads Unreclaimed Acres
Planned  Planned Unapproved

Development actions planned and not yet approved by BLM.

0 0.00
Planned  Planned Approved

Planned development actions approved by BLM but not constructed.

0 0.00
Construction  Construction

Construction of the planned location type.

3 0.00
Drilling  Drilling

There is an active rig on location drilling wells.

0 0.00
Completion  Completion

The well is drilled to a total depth and is in the final stages to bring well into production status (e.g. setting and cementing production casing, fracking).

3 8.35
Production  Production

Drilling and completion are final, the well is now producing, initial reclamation is complete.

1412 2703.73
Abandoned  Abandoned

The pad no longer has a producing well and the location will be reclaimed. Dirt work must be initiated within 6 months of last plugged well.

1296 2395.04

Reclamation Status Summary:

Reclamation # Pads Initiated Acres # Pads Acres Meeting Stds/Approved
Phase II

Phase II interim reclamation will involve recontouring the site to maximize the extent of disturbance available for reclamation, leaving the minimum area necessary for routine production and maintenance activities or as necessary to accommodate BLM authorized development plans. Desired native or seeded vegetation will be established and self-sustaining on as much of the disturbance as practicable to minimize soil erosion, inhibit noxious and undesirable invasive weed establishment, minimize visual resource impacts, allow for the advance of successional processes, and provide specific wildlife habitat components over the productive life of the well pad or facility.

0 0 0 0
Final Abandonment

The location is entirely re-contoured to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landform and reseeded. No production or ancillary facilities remain. Final reclamation includes the establishment of vegetation representative of the native desired plant community in a healthy early seral state that will allow progression toward the climax community.

0 0 0 0

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